Top 10 Trends to Watch (and Act Upon) in 2020

- Laura Jacobs, MPH, Managing Principal at GE Healthcare Partners

Beyond election-year dialogue, which will continue to place healthcare front and center, what should healthcare system trustees be watching in 2020?

In some cases, what may seem routine trends will require more innovative and bold solutions, and some ground-breaking trends may indicate “watchful waiting.”

Top trends include:

  1. Economic Pressures
  2. Consumer Expectations
  3. An Evolving Workforce
  4. Value-Based Payment
  5. Regulatory Changes
  6. Growth of Outpatient and Post-Acute Care
  7. Health System Complexity
  8. Telemedicine and Virtual Care
  9. Biotechnology and Clinical Advances
  10. Advanced Analytic and Digital Tools

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2020 Trends, GE Healthcare Partners, Laura Jacobs
2020 Healthcare Trends, Laura Jacobs, GE Healthcare Partners