Guide to Rebuild Post COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted healthcare organizations in every way imaginable, from care delivery to staffing to business operations.

Recovery will take months, even years; traditional strategies are likely to be ineffective; and the potential to emerge stronger through transformative change is significant.

GE Healthcare Consulting, the advisory arm of GE Healthcare, has developed the Guide to Rebuild Post COVID-19 Outbreak, a 22-page playbook to help health leaders navigate the new realities.

It addresses the critical economic, operational, strategic, and human resource challenges ahead, and lays out an end-to-end plan to rebuild the organization to be fit and adaptable to the “new normal”.

The Rebuild Guide walks leaders through critical activities necessary to protect, secure, and advance their organizations, such as:

  • Creating a Business Impact Analysis, with specific scenarios that test a range of financial and strategic implications
  • Recalibrating staffing skills, roles, and patterns to create a more agile culture, capable of rapid problem-solving
  • Prioritizing actions to rebuild revenue, reactivate patient care, and holistically reduce costs to stabilize the organization
  • Realigning the strategic growth portfolio with greater focus on digital, virtual health, programmatic M&A and other initiatives
  • Elevating the capital planning process to reflect new financial projections and drive increased return

The Rebuild Guide includes a detailed action plan that prioritizes the activities that leadership teams can take to transform their organizations and control their futures.

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