Facilitate Effective Change Across the Care Spectrum with CAP

When Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change,” he wasn’t making a bold prediction about the state of the U.S. healthcare market in 2016.

His adage, however, resonates with all healthcare leaders as they face daily challenges concerning change at all levels. GE’s proprietary Change Acceleration Program (“CAP”) is a tool designed to help leaders understand their organization’s typical approach to managing and implementing change via a flexible, non-linear model used throughout a change process.

The model contains tools to help change teams identify ways to achieve behavioral change while applying strategic thinking to the influencing of others.

Think of the CAP model as a pilot’s pre-flight checklist. It reminds you that you need to cover all the important elements. CAP provides a methodical way to overcome resistance by identifying from where resistance may be coming and creating influencing strategies to overcome the resistance.

This is a continuous process throughout the change and can be utilized across the care spectrum.

Here are a number of initiatives that benefit from utilizing the CAP model:

  • Implementing an Electronic Medical Record system
  • Adapting to ICD-10
  • Changing the organization’s governance structure
  • Transitioning from a loose confederation of hospitals to a system that works more like an operating company and less like a holding company
  • Increasing capacity
  • Improving efficiency in operating room scheduling
  • Executing the organization’s 5-year strategic plan
  • Acquiring a new hospital
  • Divesting Services or business units
  • Centralizing or outsourcing back office work
  • In-sourcing work
  • Implementing bundling payments or an ACO
  • Shifting the organization’s focus to population health management
  • Setting up clinically integrated networks

Provided there is a program or process identified to be implemented, CAP enables true cultural understanding and acceptance of the changes by approaching them from the stakeholders’ point of view.

By providing tools and facilitation approaches to truly get to the root of stakeholder perspectives, one is able to speak his /her language. In doing that, it is possible to gain true understanding, craft messaging that is sincere and emotionally compelling, and ultimately, gain buy-in.

Actual commitment from stakeholders is an incredibly powerful thing, and it is the beginning of any cultural transformation. CAP can help you get there.